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2022 - Nexon MOD Monster Collectors released (MOD tool, Lua script-based adventure game)

2022 - Drone simulator outsourcing (Unity Engine 3D VR)

2022 - Roball game launched (Android-based puzzle game)

2022 - Random card RPG (Lan Camo) game released (Android-based RPG + strategy roguelike game)

2022 - Turret Girl RPG game released (Android-based RPG idle raising game)

2021 - Korea Dalgona Game game launch (Android-based simulation game)

2020 - Witch and Slime game released (Android, iOS based Merge RPG game)

2020 - Bear Hotel Tycoon game released (Android, iOS-based simulation game)

2019 - 2048 RPG game outsourcing (Android-based puzzle game)

2019 - Launch of Weather Cody weather app (Android, iOS-based coordination game + weather app)

2018 - Launch of Flying Squirrel Tycoon game (Andriod, iOS-based simulation game)

2018 - AR-based zoo simulation outsourcing

2018 - KakaoTalk chatbot development outsourced using chatbot

2018 - Unity game development outsourcing using LeapMotion

2017- 2018 - Development of bowling game based on realistic physics engine

2017 - TOEIC RPG game development (Android, iOS-based RPG game)

2017 - Government-promoted outsourcing of VR driver’s license test for aging drivers (VR development with Unity)

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