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Game production specializing in pixel art & We are a graphic production outsourcing company.

We produce all graphics that can be created with dots, from SD, LD, portraits, illustrations to effects and animation.

We complete the best work with quick turnaround times, reasonable prices, high completion, and high quality work.

Company's own project history

2022 - Nexon Maple World ‘Maple Collectors’ launched

2022 - Google Indie Festival TOP 20 ‘Lan Camo’ selected

2022 - ‘Roball’ launched

2021 - ‘Lan Camo: Roguelike deck-building RPG’ released

2020 - ‘Witch and Slime’ released

2020 - Release of ‘Bunny Hotel Tycoon’

2019 - Launch of ‘Weather Cody’ weather app

2019 - ‘Flying Squirrel Tycoon’ selected as Google Editor’s Recommendation and Featured

2018 - ‘Flying Squirrel Tycoon’ released

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